Hot lady brutally raped by taxi driver

In this gritty scene from Satanas (2007) Colombian beauty Marcela Mar hails a cab after leaving a nightclub on her own. The driver, spying an opportunity, rings his friend who he stops to pick up, and they drive her to an abandoned garage.

The plan was to rob her, but since she has nothing of value on her, they decide to have forced sex with her instead. The younger guy goes first, ignoring her anguished cries as he brutally fucks her, before the other one flips her over and assaults her from behind.

Girl suffers humiliating date rape at gunpoint

In Handgun (1984) a young teacher called Kathleen (well played by Karen Young) goes on a pleasant date with a lawyer called Larry. Back at his apartment, as heavy petting starts to lead to more, Kathleen stops him as she doesn’t want to have sex on their first date. But Larry is insistent and appears almost insulted at the rejection, so much so that he takes out a gun and forces her to comply.

Kathleen immediately dissolves into tears and is fearful of the gun, taking off her clothes as instructed and getting into bed with the now naked Larry. He proceeds to have sex with her despite her constant crying and shaking and in the morning acts as if nothing happened.

The rest of the film highlights Kathleen’s struggle for justice and the difficulty of proving date rape, before she decides on a more drastic form of revenge.

Straw Dogs (1971) rape scene starring Susan George

This is one of the most controversial rape scenes of all time and was the cause of the film being banned in Great Britain and other countries for many years.

Although by today’s standards the sexual assault seems pretty tame, the controversy is that Susan George’s character seems to change her mind halfway through and actually enjoys the rape. This reinforces the wrong message that ‘No doesn’t always mean No’ and it is on this basis that the movie was banned.

The background is that George’s ex-boyfriend responds to her flirting by coming on to her, but when she initially says No he forces her to have sex with him. She appears conflicted though, and at one point kisses him back passionately and pulls her towards him before protesting once again. As he is fucking her, is her face contorted in agony or ecstasy? It is this ambiguity — purposely done on the part of director Sam Peckinpah to illustrate her being torn between her ex and her husband — that is the main source of controversy.

Busty teen sexually assaulted at a bowling alley

The teen slasher movie Gutterballs (2008) features a number of gruesome murders and the sadistic rape of Candice Lewald, which sets the murderous events in motion.

An after-hours grudge match between two rival teams takes place, but after it finishes Candice realises she has left her purse behind. She returns to the bowling alley where the rival team is waiting for her. They viciously tear at her clothes, assault her and lay her on a pool table where one of them brutally rapes her, pawing her big breasts as he fucks her hard.

Two others then take turns at Candice, whooping and hollering as she’s repeatedly forced to have sex before finally allowing her to leave.