Woman raped in her cell by prison guard

This scene from Jackson County Jail (1976) sees pretty French actress Yvette Mimeiux being attacked by a local deputy sheriff after she’s thrown into jail for a minor misdemeanor in a small town.

The guard fancies Yvette but is a bit geeky and doesn’t know how to try and seduce her. So he decides to have her against her will, sneaking into her cell as she sleeps and jumping on top of her, ignoring her anguished cries of “No!”. He rips open her dress, exposing and sucking her breasts, before tearing off her underwear and forcing his cock into her exposed pussy. He doesn’t last long though, collapsing in an exhausted heap after orgasm.

He seems almost as upset as she is, beating the bars with his belt as he didn’t really want to rape her but just couldn’t help himself and there is obviously a bit of self loathing going on as he is one of life’s losers.